Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is my chemo week so it's back to the yucks. The doctor added another 4 days onto my antibiotic schedule so it's twice a day at the hospital unless there's a test to be done and then it's three trips to the hospital.

Anyone who's talked to me lately knows that my voice is difficult to hear or listen to. This has been going on for several months but now it's worse than even - at times I can only whisper. I saw a nose, ear, throat specialist and he explained that we all have 2 vocal cords that vibrate when we talk, thus making sounds. In my case however, only one is working. The other one seemed to be paralyzed or something. I've got a scan scheduled which will hopefully give him more info to go on. No idea at this point what there is to do for this problem if anything.

For those who don't live nearby, we're having extremely hot weather - over 100 degrees many days. Thankfully, this is the first summer we've had a heat pump which means AIR-CONDITIONING!! I'm not sure how we could have survived without it.

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