Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something doesn't look right

There are places on my body that I can't see including my upper right chest where they inserted a port by which I've been getting chemo treatments. Fortunately I have an observant sister (Lu) who saw the area around my port which was bright red, hard, swollen and painful to touch. Although we had a doctor's appt in 2 days, she insisted that I not wait and made an appt with my general practice doctor who immediately admitted me to the hospital and started me on IV antibiotics (again). At first I was told the port would have to be surgically removed but it was later decided to discharge me to home but have me come in twice a day (x 10 days)for IV antibiotics at the hospital in the hope of saving the port.

Thankfully, there have been many friends and family members who have volunteered to take me, stay with me, and bring me home. That's dedication - which I really appreciate! In the meantime, I'm feeling much better although the infection seems to still be present. Hopefully by the end of treatment, it will be gone - otherwise I might still have to have the port removed.

LuAnne has gone on holiday to India for 5 weeks to trek in the mountains with her friend from Great Britian. My other sister, Carolyn - bless her heart - has been making meals for us which has been a great help, esp when I was feeling so sick. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet again soon and can be of some use around here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on what's going on with you, Yvonne, and for the rays of sunshine you always seem to find in the midst of your troubles. Faithful friends and family are indeed a blessing and I'm thankful that you have them during this time.

I'm almost envious that you have Carolyn cooking your meals for you, though. As I recall she can put together some very tasty meals when she's of a mind to.

God bless, Yvonne. Hang in there. You're in my prayers.