Thursday, February 14, 2008

New chemo drug regimen

Two weeks ago my oncologist agreed with me that the IV chemo therapy I was on didn't seem to be working as we had hoped. I continue to have a breast tumor that doesn't seem very responsive to the chemo we were using. In light of that he switched me to an oral chemo drug (Xeloda) and ordered a PET scan to see what the progress has been so far. I've been on Xeloda before but was unable to continue it due to a severe itching / red rash it gives me on my face. However, we decided to try it again but added an allergy med along with it to try and combat that problem. I've already been through a one week on, one week off cycle and the first week ON was fine, but the week OFF was quite itchy and miserable. I've just now started the second cycle and am ON so will see how this goes. This time I will continue the allergy med even on the week OFF and see if I do any better. I really want to be on this medication because it has been shown to be fairly effective on my type of cancer, it's less harsh on my system and doesn't cause hair loss. It's also nice to be able to take it at home without the hassle of being hooked up to IVs for hours at a time.

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