Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad news

A couple weeks ago I had my periodic PET scan which is a full body scan and lights up any cancerous areas. The doctor called to say they were seeing "something" in my brain and wanted to get a better look at it with an MRI. When my brother remarked that, "We know there's nothing in your brain", I wished for once that he was right! Unfortunately, the second scan showed 4 small lesions (cancer) - the largest measuring one cm. Even at that size it's bigger than I'd like.

The oncologist says radiation is the standard treatment but I've decided not to go with that option for now. I hate the idea of having my brain radiated and the side effects have the potential to severely decrease my quality of life. The other option that was offered was the combination of 2 oral drugs - Xeloda & Tykerb. Xeloda is a chemo drug which I'm currently on but is giving me horrible side, itchy, blotchy, swollen, painful rash on my face, head, hands and feet. I'm trying to live with this but it has at times been difficult to grasp anything with my hands and painful to stand or walk. So I'm not sure whether I can continue taking it. This is frustrating since it dwindles my medical options.

The doctor refused to give me a prognosis. He says with new drugs coming out all the time, no one can say for sure how long a person is likely to keep going. I have chosen to continue to be hopeful and live my life as fully as possible. The good news is that I feel perfectly fine (other than drug side effects). No headaches, dizziness or vision problems for now.

I'd appreciate your prayers for my family - esp. my girls as this is most difficult for them. Thankfully, I'm not feeling too anxious, depressed or scared. Surprisingly, it's usually the opposite - cheerful and upbeat. Not that I don't have my moments but obviously I'm being lifted above the circumstances through people's prayers. Thank you.


Heidi Pender said...

Yvonne--We'll continue to pray every day for your healing and for joy in the living. Please know you are so loved, admired and appreciated.

Abbie said...

Love you so much and am constantly thinking/praying for you :)

kathy said...

Yvonne, this is indeed bad news. Our small group leader created space to pray for you, Walt, your girls, and your families tonight. We continue to hope and pray for healing, peace, joy, strength. You are a precious child of God, beautiful inside and out.

NaNcY said...

you are in the hands of God.

i pray for your children and your husband and other family (from now on, now matter what) to be in the hands of God.

everything that matters to God, i pray, will be taken care of by God. for you and for your family. you can rest in Jesus.

all battle begins and ends with the spiritual battle. and i pray for this battle to be in the hands of God for you and your family.

God is working in you and in your family. you can trust God with this. do not worry, just leave it in the hands of God and rest and trust in Him for his will. God can make the best of what we do not understand.

God loves you, sweetie

NaNcY said...

i am going on a trip tomorrow.

plan is for 12 days...traveling back on the 20 with casey and sydney. peter is to stay behind there, new zealand, for the grape harvest.

i have been reading the blog of this woman for quite a few months now. her name is charity and lives in indy. she has been doing chemo and just finished her last treatment. she is a beautiful child of God and i though i would do an introduction to her blog just in case you wanted to check it out.

i love you sweetiepie!
God bless you with His Love.