Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trip to North Carolina

Last week I was in North Carolina where I went to see a research scientist who specializes in cancer alternative treatments. Ultimately, I'm not sure if I will implement his suggestions but at least I came away with more options to chose from.

The trip turned out to be lots of fun. My dear friend, Liiza bought an airline ticket at the last minute in order to accompany me so I wouldn't be alone. I'm not shy about traveling by myself but it was much more fun to have my buddy with me. She also was my navigator while we drove around unknown streets and highways. I'd still be wandering around lost somewhere if she hadn't been giving me directions.

On one of the days I didn't go into the clinic, we toured the Biltmore estate - a massive castle like mansion built by the Vanderbilt family in the early 1900's. Their wealth in today's money is estimated at 93 billion and you can see how some of that was spent when you take the tour. It's a mind-boggling and fascinating structure. We also got in on freezing cold weather - waking up to heavy snowfall a couple of days.

Through some interesting circumstances, I was invited to stay with a lovely Christian family for my last 3 days after Liiza returned home. Some friends invited me to visit their mostly black church where we had a rockin' good time. That evening I enjoyed a tiny home church service. Everywhere we/I went we met friendly, lovely people who opened their arms to welcome us. So if you ever have a chance to visit Asheville, NC....I'd highly recommend it!

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NaNcY said...

the rockin good time sounds like a fantastic experience