Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Catching up

I've been very remiss about keeping up this blog. Several friends have reminded me (gently) that I should update it. So much has occurred that it's hard to know what to say so I'll summarize.  Back in Feb or March, I noticed some lumps growing in my breast again - same area as before. Started with one, then 2, then 3. Soon they were starting to merge. Of course, I pointed this out to my doctor at each visit but he was not terribly concerned at first. Eventually, he started me on an oral chemo from which I got a horrible red, itchy rash all over my face. Only got half way thru the first cycle before having to discontinue. A PET scan was finally done which showed that the cancer had grown back in most all of the places it was before though not quite as bad as it originally was. But bad enough to need IV chemo again. Of course, this has led to the second round of head shaving and wigs.

The most recent PET scan (as of a couple weeks ago) showed mixed results. The tumor on the liver and in most bones was improved but some lymph nodes, thorasic spine, and breast tumors were worse. A new chemo drug has been added to the mix now and we'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'm still exercising, taking my nutritional supplement, and doing a smattering of alternative things. The good news is that I feel fine with energy, stamina, and generally a good outlook.

This summer was an emotional roller coaster with Meg (our youngest) returning to Faith for her senior year, my sister, Lu returning to Saudi Arabia, and finding out that a woman who had the same cancer (with the same metastases) as I, had died. We had been "holding each other's hands" over the phone and praying for one another. She was a support to me and her death was devastating since she seemed to be doing well. Thankfully she was a dear Christian so she is with Jesus. But I miss Paula.


Anonymous said...

My dear Yvonne -- please know that you're always in my thoughts and prayers!! I love you, my friend!!

Sharon Isidro-Lacanilao

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne, We are reaching out to you across the seas from Groomsport, N Ireland, to say that we continue to pray for you and Walt, that you may know the rich love of God in your lives, day by day - Maureen and Bill

Ang said...

Dearest Von,
You know that you continue to be in my prayers. I was sad to hear that your cancer is coming back, but I'm glad that you're feeling well and have good energy. And best of all, you know where your ultimate destination is--with your Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! May He be your everything every day, hour, and moment.
Love and prayers from your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hi von! Thank you so much for reaching out beyond your circumstances to keep us up on what's happening in your life. It is a gift you give those of us who love you Bless you and Walt for the many ways you give to my family, too. I am so grateful. I think of and pray for you guys nearly daily. That our siterhood and friendship is eternal is a priceless gift that Jesus has given.

Keep writing! Shelley

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne,
Thank You for your up date. I'm sorry to hear of the negitive results of your most resent PET scan.
God is in the business of miracles and I believe that for you.
My prayers & Love to you & family.
Donna Alger