Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A great week

At my last doctor's appt on Monday (18th) we got good news that my tumor markers had dropped from 120 down to 106. Yeah! Unfortunately, my weight is going in the opposite direction. I've gained around 30 lbs in the last 8 months. Heavier than I've ever been which is discouraging since it's mainly due to the steroids I'm on. Discussing it with my physician's assistant, she said I could cut back slowly on the steroids and see how I do with nausea, appetite, etc. I'm on a tiny amount as it is but it still affects me a lot. Swollen face, neck, hands, feet, etc. I shouldn't complain but my vanity gets in the way.

On an entirely different note, our oldest daughter, Miriam recently announced she is pregnant for the first time! She and her husband adopted our adorable little 4 year old grandson, Isaiah and he was the one to make the announcement that he was going to be a big brother. He has no idea what that means but he dutifully recited was he was told to say. Very cute. The next day, their pug gave birth to six puppies. The father is a boston terrier and the puppies are so cute (at this stage anyway). We love playing with them.

Had all the kids over for Sunday lunch and in the heat of the afternoon (except for Hannah who was napping - and I) went outside and doused each other with water balloons and water guns. They were laughing their heads off so I guess they were having fun. Isaiah was soaked to the skin as were most of them. What a great family I have. I'm so blessed!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the news of a new grandchild on the way! Seems to be a family tradition; an adoption preceding a pregnancy. :-) Anyway you look at it, a blessing!

Anonymous said...

yvonne -- i'm praising God for the great news about the progress of your treatment...!! you know, you are really beautiful and you always will be because your beauty is from the inside and it shines through for everyone to see. you are also a true inspiration for all of us!!

congrats also on the great news about miriam's pregnancy!! i know that you're over the moon about this and i'm so happy for all of you!!

i trust you're having a great week-end and remember that you're always in my thoughts and prayers, my friend!!