Saturday, April 04, 2009

CT scan results

I had another CT scan (which shows the chest and abdomen) on Wed. The dr called me yesterday with the results which were mixed. Everything was better - shrinking tumors - except the liver which showed more tumor growth. We had looked into a procedure several months ago called a SIRTS (don't know what that stands for) which is threading a catheter into the femoral (leg) artery and up into the liver where they inject radioactive beads. This involves 2 surgeries. The first one is when they "map" the area so when they are ready to inject the beads, they will know exactly where they are supposed to go. Unfortunately I must be awake during both procedures which doesn't sound like fun to me. I was very distraught when this was first brought up but in the meantime, I've been in contact with a very pro-active cancer patient named Suzanne who had this done herself and credits it for extending her life by years. She also didn't think the pain was too bad. It was very good to talk to her since she was able to give me a patients point of view and reassure me I could do this.

One thing that still makes me a bit nervous is that there is the possibility that in spite of the "mapping" they do, they might still get some of the radioactive beads in other organs nearby and this would definitely cause problems and pain. Because of this, I'd like to find an experienced doctor who has done this procedure many times. Right now, I don't know any.

I'm supposed to get an appt in the next week or so and proceed from there. Prayers are appreciated. Right doctor, right timing, etc.


kenmullins said...

You are in my prayers! BTW (By The Way) nice Blog.

Prayer is weakness leaning on Omnipotence! W S Bowd

Gregg Koskela said...

We will pray with you! I'm sure constantly facing new procedures is stressful. I'm glad you're talking with others who've gone through these things, and glad that you've got the courage to keep at it.

tine and Jan Hardeman said...

You are continually in our prayers. We will especially pray for a doctor with lots of experience doing the procedures you need. We love you!