Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rough week

Just when I thought I'd gotten past all the nausea and vomiting and had weaned myself off most of my meds, all those nasty symptoms returned in full force. Plus I had crying spells for no reason leading me to return to my anti-depressants and anti-nausea meds - pretty much I'm back on all my meds and feeling just a bit better. No vomiting today. But it's slow going and I'm impatient to feel better.
The brain MRI is scheduled for next week on the 19th. When I worked as nurse, we sometimes had patients who would come in with advanced problems that could have had simple solutions if only they had come in earlier. I was always astonished when they were asked why they didn't come in sooner and the answer was, "I didn't want to know". Now I'm in a position to understand that reply somewhat. Part of me doesn't want to know if the brain tumors are growing because then I will be facing very bad news. On the other hand...what else can you do? These things have to be faced. But it's pretty scary.
On the bright side: we got a puppy about a month ago. I love dogs and lost my little dog to coyotes in the spring. Ever since, we've been looking for another dog. I was sort of half-hearted in my search but my sister, LuAnne made it her mission. We finally found (accidently) some neighbors who were selling cairn terrier puppies. I've not been familar with this breed but read up on them and they sounded like great dogs. My sister Carolyn (who lives next door) and I both got puppies after falling in love with the cute little things. Everyone says it has perked me up to have a puppy again. Now we just have to get through the potty-training phase...yuck!


Heidi Pender said...

I continue to lift you to our loving God Yvonne. I pray God will give you glimpses of hope, joy, peace and comfort each day to sustain you.

Anonymous said...

hey yvonne,
i know we are not close friends, but, i do care about you and hope the best for you.

i have been dealing with loss of a friend and an uncle this week.

i am still taking my anti dep. meds. and i suppose i am doing fine. though i keep gaining weight.

i have been homeschooling casey. her 12th birthday is december the 8th. it has been a challenge for both of us, but, some parts of it has been good. i do not find much time to do anything but be with casey since she is too young to be left at home by herself. dealing with a pre teen like casey is like pulling teeth...or maybe more like guiding a stubborn mule.

sometimes i think she deserves a younger and more active and better looking mom. but she has and old , tired and fat mom.

i think that your new puppy is the cutest thing ever.
it looks like such a charmer.

i know that God is with you and holding you in His arms. i just hate all the stuff that you are having to go through. the suffering in this life is so hard to understand. to know that Jesus lived and suffered as we do, helps me to go through it, even though i do not understand it all. i know that God's love for us shown in Jesus is the key to life. maybe not life as we want it or life as we see it here...but, life as God sees it. a certain type of freedom that is life in HIm.

well, i have rambled on quite long enough here... love to you, yvonne.

nancy r.

denise said...

GASP...TOTO TOO??? (aka Wizard of Oz). Toto was a cairn terrier! As you can see, I'm pretty easily entertained by even the smallest coincidences. Anyway, the pup is absolutely adorable...and I know God will use it in your life to bring genuine joy. I love you, friend.