Thursday, June 12, 2008

6/12 Update

Walt again: Yvonne's oncologist was very encouraged by her CT & MRI scans - said they were much better than he expected. But the downside is that he can't explain the constant nausea. As he read all the results from the blood tests and the scans, he said there was no reason for Yvonne to be feeling as bad as she is.

I was very nervous about her beginning a new chemo regimen in her weakened condition, but I think the Dr. is correct that the cancer is causing the nausea somehow (it would explain why the nausea is getting worse), and the sooner she gets started again the sooner it will go away. Another reason to begin as quickly as possible is that the new cancer in her bones is already causing her some pain. Two years ago it was the bone cancer that rendered her nearly immobile until chemo killed it.

We are very grateful for everyone's continued prayer.


NaNcY said...

thank you, walt.

Tine and Jan said...

Thanks for sharing. We will continue to pray. May both of you experience the peace that only the Lord can give as you go through this difficult time.
We love you.
Tine and Jan

Dave and Deni said...

We are thinking of your family and keeping you in our prayers. Love, Dave and Deni