Thursday, October 05, 2006


Last night I couldn't stand another day of thinning, graying hair falling out everywhere so we had a shaving party. My daughters, Miriam and Hannah had a great time cutting what was left of my hair into various looks including a mohawk and a punk rocker. In spite of the fun and laughing we did, in the end I felt the loss as I caught a reflection of myself in the window (while trying to avoid mirrors). As I left the room to cry Hannah followed me, put her arms around me and told me how beautiful I was to her. Walt & Miriam followed suit a few minutes later. It's wonderful to be surrounded by people who love me no matter what I look like!

Next, we began trying on wigs! Walt suggested that instead of shaving their heads in solidarity, that they all wear red wigs. We laughed at how funny my blonde daughters looked as redheads. The long, straight wig made Hannah look like she was from the 70's. The short, curly wig gave Miriam a "Shirley Temple" look and the short, straight one I wore hopefully looked "just right".


Nancy Rosback said...

all three of you are beautiful...inside and out!

Anonymous said...


I agree, the beauty inside of you shines right through your face and blesses all those around you.

Your faith and love are such a sweet aroma to the Lord and to us! We can smell the swet aroma right through the computer monitor!

To Him be the glory!

Tami (Eaton)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this story at WBF and online. I really do feel so blessed to be "in the know." I am truly in awe of you and of our Father.
Much love, Michelle Akins