Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 11 Update

I've had 2 more chemo treatments since I last updated everyone. Both went well - things are much less fuzzy since they substituted a non-drowsy medication for Benedryl which makes me sleepy. Second treatment went so well that Mom and I ran errands and went shopping afterwards. I was up till 10:30pm and still running strong! Today after my 3rd time, I'm a bit more tired. Yet we managed to get some errands done and I haven't needed a nap. So apparently nothing serious.

One drawback is that my white blood count has taken a serious hit. It's running at 1.7 instead of the normal 3.9 - 11 that it should be. Next week is a treatment with Herceptin only (non-chemo drug) so they're hoping my immune system will have a chance to recoup. Overall I'm still feeling fine and sleeping pretty well. Hard to ask for more than that!

We were able to talk to our daughter Megan in Manila a couple days ago which probably did me more good than any medicine. It was great to hear her voice and have her tell us that she is doing well and enjoying being in the Philippines. It was her 16th birthday.

Thanks for the many prayers and emails. I so enjoy reading each one.


Gregg Koskela said...

Yvonne, you are in my prayers often. I'm glad to hear that so far, treatment is going pretty well. Thank you for being open with the Jr. Girls, for being open with your trust of God.

kathy said...

Yvonne, I found your update here through Walt's blog. What a good idea so you don't have to repeat things so much. I saw you in town the other day but didn't want to bother you with pesky questions in the second street parking lot. Know you're in my thoughts and prayers often. Thanks for allowing the rest of us to walk with you on the journey. I like your style and love your spirit.